Great Experience

July 26, 2017 Posted: Client Reviews

"Great experience with Tara. She was very easy to talk to and helped me translate the legal jargon contained in my agreement into simple terms, provided options pertaining to my legal rights and helped me negotiate a better deal. Although I hope to never personally go through this process again, I would certainly recommend Tara to anyone that does. I found her to be pleasant, knowledgeable and eager to help."

By: Great Experience

Very helpful and knowledgeable

July 26, 2017 Posted: Client Reviews

"Excellent work. I sought advice on a somewhat complicated matter involving some peculiar people and places. Tara exceeded expectations by offering a balanced perspective and a logical framework to work within. Leaving me impressed with her work ethic and output."

By: Very helpful and knowledgeable

Highly recommend

July 26, 2017 Posted: Client Reviews

"Thank you very much for the expert advice and counsel provided during a very difficult time…I would not hesitate to use them, or recommend you to anyone I know who needs this type of service."

By: Highly recommend

Great support during a trying time

July 26, 2017 Posted: Client Reviews

"I want to thank you so much for your help, both legal and (for lack of a better term) emotional help during this separation negotiation. You have been extremely helpful, you listened, and you were highly strategic in dealing with an unusual cast of characters…Thank you very much."

By: Great support during a trying time

The right choice

July 26, 2017 Posted: Client Reviews

"It truly has been a pleasure meeting you and working with you! Thank you so much for all of your help, professionalism, promptness, knowledge, courteousness and kindness during this trying time."

By: The right choice

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