If your employment is being terminated for any reason, your employer may have offered you a severance package. Such packages vary in length and substance but the core of the package is the severance agreement. You will have to sign the agreement to receive the compensation and other benefits being offered to you. It will no doubt include a release of claims (meaning you cannot file a lawsuit against the employer for any reason down the line) and may include other obligations or restrictions such as non-competition and non-solicitation provisions.

Severance agreements are legal contracts which means that you will be legally obligated to abide by whatever terms are contained within, so it is important that you understand what you are signing. To protect your rights and interests, you should review it carefully with an experienced severance lawyer. You need to make certain not only that you understand what you are signing, but also that you understand what you are getting for what you are giving up. For example, if you have a potential legal claim, you need to address it with your employer before you sign the agreement. It may be possible to negotiate more favorable terms than what your employer is initially offering.

Swartz Law has an experienced severance pay lawyer who has reviewed and negotiated countless severance agreements. Our severance package lawyers know which provisions are generally in them, which should be in them, and which need to be removed. We also have extensive experience and know how to leverage any potential claim you may have to obtain increased compensation and benefits.

Don’t just sign the agreement.  Review it with an experienced severance agreement lawyer first.



Need Your Severance Agreement Reviewed?

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